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Dr. Walker is an exceptional dentist with the ability to do full mouth reconstruction, crowns, fillings, cosmetic dentistry and dentures. He has been my dentist for four years, replacing nearly all of my fillings and crowns. Before visiting Dr. Walker, I had bite issues and at one point, was even diagnosed with TMJ. I no longer have any discomfort with my bite. He is a "painless" dentist that gives great results!. I highly recommend him.

- Lynne B.

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Dental Bridges In The San Jose Bay Area

bay area dental bridges

When one or more teeth are lost, a bridge can “replace” the missing teeth.


  • Offer good esthetics, comfort, and increased chewing efficiency
  • Can be used on natural teeth or implants.

Bridges are made using crowns that are fitted on the remaining teeth to act as abutments and pontics made from materials to resemble the missing teeth. Bridges require natural teeth to be crowned as these will become the abutments that support the crown for the missing tooth (pontic). Implants can be utitlized for more stability and in cases where there are not enough teeth or existing teeth are too weak for support.