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Dr. Walker is an exceptional dentist with the ability to do full mouth reconstruction, crowns, fillings, cosmetic dentistry and dentures. He has been my dentist for four years, replacing nearly all of my fillings and crowns. Before visiting Dr. Walker, I had bite issues and at one point, was even diagnosed with TMJ. I no longer have any discomfort with my bite. He is a "painless" dentist that gives great results!. I highly recommend him.

- Lynne B.

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Dental Crowns In The San Jose Bay Area

bay area dental crowns

A crown is a type of dental restoration which completely caps or encircles a tooth or dental implant. Crowns are often needed when:

  • A large cavity threatens the ongoing health of a tooth
  • To restore badly broken down teeth
  • To improve aesthetics
  • To reconstruct one’s bite and chewing efficiency

There are many types of dental crowns and the decision to use one or another is determined by the patients’ needs and what would be best to restore the tooth due to function and aesthetics. They are typically bonded to the tooth using a dental cement. Crowns can be made from many materials, typically improving the strength and appearance giving you a beautiful smile.

In order to fabricate a crown, the tooth is prepped by the dentist and an impression is taken for the lab to make the crown. A temporary crown is made for the tooth and temporarily cemented into place. Final placement of the crown is usually 3 weeks from the initial visit. Special circumstances and multiple teeth restorations sometimes will involve additional appointments that can lengthen this process. Our goal always is to achieve the highest aesthetic and functional restoration possible.