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Dr. Walker is an exceptional dentist with the ability to do full mouth reconstruction, crowns, fillings, cosmetic dentistry and dentures. He has been my dentist for four years, replacing nearly all of my fillings and crowns. Before visiting Dr. Walker, I had bite issues and at one point, was even diagnosed with TMJ. I no longer have any discomfort with my bite. He is a "painless" dentist that gives great results!. I highly recommend him.

- Lynne B.

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Temporaries In The San Jose Bay Area

bay area dental temporaries

Temporaries are provisional restorations that are meant to be used to restore immediate aesthetics, chewing efficiency, improved bite relationship and to restore areas that have undergone surgery and require longer healing periods. Temporaries are adequate for 6 months or less. After this time they have to be remade or have a final restoration placed.

How Do Dental Temporaries Work?

Usually the temporary crown is constructed from a chemical-cure composite, although alternative systems using aluminium crown forms are occasionally used. The temporary material is shaped by the dentist to form a tooth shape that protects the prepared tooth. It also prevents damage to the gums and disguises the prepared tooth to a degree until the final restoration can be made. A temporary crown will usually be cemented in place with a soft temporary dental cement, which allows easy removal when fitting the final restoration. If a temporary crown becomes decemented, it is important that we examine the patient as this may prevent accurate fitting of the final crown.